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Welcome to Equilibrium Mindfulness! Equilibrium Mindfulness is all about giving you the tools of mindfulness and digital wellness so that you can find the balance you are looking for in your life. 

Equilibrium Mindfulness is run by Alex La Via, who is listed on the UK Mindfulness Network and brings a passion for mindfulness and digital wellness with a depth training: 

Mindfulness training and experience


Having exposure to mindfulness from different backgrounds and academic institutions enables me to draw on inspiration from multiple areas in my classes. 

My route to mindfulness

I first started practising mindfulness in 2011, having come across Mark Williams' book: Finding Peace in a Frantic World. The book connected with me and I felt that a door to a new world was opened as I started becoming aware of aspects of my thinking I was unaware of previously. I booked onto a local MBSR course shortly thereafter and my passion for mindfulness was born. My passion and regular practice has taken me to attending retreats and then qualifying as an MBSR teacher. I teach courses in Otley and Guiseley and have taught on retreat format in Solterreno Academy in Spain. I also specialise in Digital Wellness and teach courses and workshops that raise awareness of the impact of digital technology in our lives and how mindfulness can be part of the solution to achieving a healthy balance with technology.

I had initially looked to mindfulness to reduce symptoms of stress. Building a regular practice, I noticed reduced patterns of reactivity and stress and an improvement in my sleeping patterns. I became more aware of the extent to which I was caught up in thinking and how mindfulness was enabling me to change unhelpful thought patterns. However, what was more inspiring for me were the insights that mindfulness helped me to bring to light. Through a deepening home practice and attending meditation retreats, I started to see more clearly what I wanted in my life and this empowered me to make changes ... one of which was relocating back to Yorkshire!

I am passionate about the richness that comes from weaving mindfulness into our lives. To me, mindfulness is not only about reducing suffering but also about wellness and enhancing quality of life... in the only time we have... the present moment.

To get more of a flavour of mindfulness and the potential benefits, you may enjoy watching the following BBC breakfast segment which was recorded in 2012:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMsUGB KV7s&t=33s

The link between mindfulness and digital wellness

Mindfulness meditation provides a good counterpoint in today's fast paced digital world. In this era of social media and online advertising, our attention has never been more in demand, yet where we place our attention greatly influences our experience of life. More time on social media has been correlated with anxiety and research is starting to show an impact of our digital use on areas such as memory, creativity, focus and connection. Mindfulness is a training of attention that can help us to have more control over where our attention is placed and transforming our unconscious digital habits. 

If you want to know a bit more about the link between mindfulness and habit change then you are welcome to this TED Talk by Judson Brewer provides a good introduction:


I would be happy to speak with you if you are interested to know more. 

What mindfulness means for me?

Maintaining a regular mindfulness practice brings more tranquility, calm and perspective to life. I also see meditation as part of an important process of personal growth. 

We all have our own unique thinking patterns that have built up over time. Research has shown that the majority of our thinking and decision making is unconscious so it can feel that we have little control over it. However, mindfulness meditation provides a tool to help to become more aware of these patterns of thinking. With that awareness then comes the power to be able to make positive changes.

I hope to have the opportunity to welcome you to an upcoming class soon, 


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